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Don’t miss the opportunity to ride silent and emission free! The first line of the Vidde sustainable electric snowmobiles is limited, so either sign up for more info, or reserve your own future vehicle below! Net price excl tax €26.200

To reserve your own vehicle you will be charged a fee of SEK 1000. This is also the first down payment of your vehicle. The amount will be deducted from your final payment once you confirm your purchase. Shipping starts end of 2024.

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Reserve your vehicle

By reserving your vehicle you get to test drive the Vidde snowmobile.

This is how it works:
  • To confirm your reservation you need to pay a non-refundable fee of SEK 1000*
  • Net price excl tax €26 200
  • The reservation fee will be deducted from your purchase when you place your final order.

* Read the Terms & Conditions for more information.

OSB: If you are a comany and want to reserve more than one vehicle, please send an email to